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8 Ways to Support Your Hairdresser

8 Ways to Support Your Hairdresser

Hairdressers have had it rough lately, so we're revealing 8 easy and thoughtful
ways you can support your hairdresser.

We can all agree that the past two years have been unprecedented. We can all also agree that our hairdresser isn’t just the person at the heart of our good hair days, they are often our friend, our confidante and our guide as well. Your go-to hairdresser and the small business salons still need your support more than ever. 2020 has been a tough year, 2021 did not get any easier, and 2022 is still unpredictable. There have been times salons have had to temporarily close, and, at times, hairdressers haven’t been able to do the job they love. Below are 8 ways you can continue to show your favorite salon and hairdresser your support.

8 Ways to Support Your Hairdresser

8 Ways to Support Your Hairdresser

Show Your Hairdresser Some Love Online

It’s easy to give them a shout-out on social media. Why not share that selfie you took after your last haircut or color? Or list out all the reasons why you can’t live without your local salon and hairdresser?

Be sure to follow Kérastase on Instagram, as we are empowering hairdressers by giving them a platform because #wecare. We feature different experts live on the platform so our stars can share their expertise directly with you! Keep an eye on our feeds.

Book Your Next Hair Appointment

Show your commitment by booking your next appointment now, even if it is a few weeks or months out. Your hairdresser will appreciate the support and it will help them to organize their schedule.

8 Ways to Support Your Hairdresser

Why not pre-book a haircut, or color and ask to add-on a bespoke treatment like Kérastase Fusio Dose? Fusio Dose is a concentrated booster, a personalized “shot” of nutrients that your hairdresser will tailor to suit your hair’s needs whether you’re looking for more radiance, denser hair, less breakage, more nourishment or less frizz. Don’t have a go-to salon, but want to book in a hair appointment to give you something to look forward to? Click here to use our find your salon service online!

Tip Your Go-To Hairdresser

Not comfortable doing it in person? You can always send your hairdresser a venmo with a note of gratitude! This is a lovely way to show appreciation.

Buy a Salon Gift Card

Purchasing a gift card or gift certificate from your local salon is a great way to not only help the salon but also refer friends and family? Go online or give them a call to ask about the types of gift cards and gift certificate they offer. If you’re feeling generous, this is a sure way to help your hairdresser, salon and celebrate someone you love in your life by treating them to a bespoke experience in one of our salons.

8 Ways to Support Your Hairdresser

You can even use this to pay it forward - think about treating someone close to you that is still working as a frontline essential worker or someone who has been through a lot recently, a gift card is a lovely way to show them they’re in your thoughts.

8 Ways to Support Your Hairdresser

Follow Your Hairdresser On Social Media

It’s likely that your hairdresser shares their work on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Pinterest, so be sure to follow them on the social platforms where they are active.

Be sure to support them by liking their posts, commenting, and sharing their work on your own platform. It’s the modern-day version of word of mouth and could help them get new clients, especially because so many people have moved around recently, they may be open to taking on new clients.

Purchase Hair Products From Your Hairdresser

A great way to take care of your hair at home is by using the products your hairdresser recommends. Restock or stock up on your go-to shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment or hair styling products. If your salon doesn't sell direct, they may have affiliate programs with e-commerce sites and that means a portion of your purchase will go directly to your salon or hairdresser!

Leave a Review

Another great form of word of mouth is leaving a review. Look to see whether you can leave a review on your salon's website, Yelp, Instagram, Google or Facebook page.

8 Ways to Support Your Hairdresser

Talk about the services you love most, what the environment and staff
are like and be sure to give your hairdresser a personal shout out.

Finally, call your hairdresser or send them a text or email to let them know you’re thinking of them. If your hairdresser is a friend, then it’s important to show them that you’re there to support them, too.

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